Thursday, October 26, 2006

U2 Stories

Two true stories about U2 - thanks Colin and Mike.

A mate's friend, a very beautiful but rather dim girl met The Edge at a party a few years back. God knows who approached who, but The Edge's first line was 'hi, I'm The Edge.'

Blankness. 'You're what?'

I'm The Edge.'

Incomprehension. 'I'm sorry, you're the - a - what?'

'I'm The Edge.'

'No, I don't get it. Edge of what? You mean you're -'

"Ah, feck it, just call me Dave.'


One of Bono's heroes was - maybe still is - Captain Beefheart, and on tour in the US many moons ago the frontman went to any lengths to be with his hero at whatever opportunity he got, making sure he was seen in the great man's presence, as though he were the one bestowing a favour of prestige and reflected renown on the Captain rather than the other way round; after a while this got on Beefheart's wick sufficiently for him to loudly ask his guitarist, Gary Lucas, within clear earshot of Bono; 'hey, Gary man, who's this damn Bongo guy keeps following me round?'


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