Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crude Musical Plug No. 94

Let's give it up for the Pavao Quartet, whose 1st violinist Kerenza has sent me such flattering comments! www.pavaoquartet.com. They're on MySpace too - and they're on tour with Elaine Paige right now. Just don't mention that Confessions movie she was in (Confessions of a Mole Wrench Quality Inspector? Confessions of a Cambridgeshire Water Board Drainage Executive? who knows or cares?) - and don't mention 'Don't Walk Away Till I Touch You'.

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Jonathan said...

Hi. This is going to seem way weird. You do not know me, but I had a friend who had the 'nice one squirrel' t shirt. Do you have a photo of it you could send me please? !!! Thanks, Jonathan. email - j19feb@ntlworld.com