Friday, October 06, 2006

Frankly Damn Silly Band Names

First of many, I hope, and which I hope the entire world will contribute, spesh those who worked at the Hope and Anchor. Pure silliness.

I refuse to include obviously shock-tactic names (gynaecology and perinea are usually and disappointingly not very good bases for humour) - with a few exceptions.

First batch are

Morbid Florist
Mercyless Kop [love that y and that K]
Throw Bricks at Coppers
Sick On The Bus
Policeman With A Loaf Of Bread (single: 'The Button Nosed Tortoise Saga')
The Underground Cult Band of the Century (single: 'The Jelly Babies Go Psychedelic Hippy Melon Banana')
Bastard Kestrel
Pigmy Love Circus
Bill Bixby's Big-Ass Communist 18-Wheeler

Contributions please!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah bastard kestrel ...whtever happened to them eh ?

But I'm more intrigued to know more about "a wop bop a doo op a wop bang twang" ...... you must be as old as me and hopefully you have some material to share. i'll come back later (maybe) ...