Saturday, October 07, 2006

SPORTIN' LIFE: Postscript, Get Your Kits Off...

post of mine here a month ago about women being exploited for their looks alone. First, a great interview in today's Telegraph with the goddess-like Nicole Cooke, second something I meant to add to the original piece - while the French attitude to women may not be whiter than white (vide Segolene Royal), they at least don't tend to demean successful sportswomen by exploiting their sex appeal. Victoria Ravva, la capitaine of the French ladies' volleyball team (and European champions RC Cannes), is quite possibly the most dazzlingly glamorous sportswoman since Suzanne Lenglen and yet (aside of one L'Equipe photo shoot this year with a bit of cleavage) she isn't used for her looks. Cos you could sell snow to Eskimos with them, it must be admitted. She's beautiful, and successful, and the French seem to prefer the fact that she is successful than wanting to see her get her baps out.

And no - if you want to see her, google her.

BTW Congratulations Nicole, and Gail Emms too!

Telegraph interview with Nicole to follow.

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