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In the balmy late spring of 1999 one of the most worrying episodes in postwar British social history played itself out on London's streets. A (presumably) lone-nut neo-Nazi, David Copland (now a self-styled 'political prisoner') targeted blacks, Asians and gays in a singularly vicious no-warning, no-prisoners nailbomb campaign. Was this the beginning of a suedehead apocalypse? It wasn't, although you wouldn't guess it from this quite hopelessly shabby and inadequate programme. In fact you wouldn't have guessed much full stop.

I shouldn't get angry at dramadoc. I know it's (vomit) here to stay. But by the end of this especially annoying example of the subgenre I was almost as angry at the TV as at Copland. Here was a diamond of a story just waiting to be plucked from its neglected rough and shone to perfection, in the honourable tradition of , say, Storyville and which could at a stroke have restored, inexpensively, terrestrial BBC's reputation for responsible and compelling reportage in the van of Pettifer or Pilger, or Watson's docs.

Instead we got a gallery of irrelevant style-over-substance cliches, as superfluous to the sum of human knowledge as a sixth-form girl dotting i's with heart-shapes when writing on the Council of Trent. Bully for the actors playing the main parts (including Copland, whose bedsit was festooned with swastikas but which looked suspiciously spiffy and intriguingly well-lit), but much of this was almost insulting to the memory of those who died/injured/took part in the rescue operations. A scene in the Admiral Duncan pub, Copland's last target (a direct gay hit), had a shorn-skulled queen chatting up our anti-hero, shot with one eye on This Life and one on EastEnders; everyone, actors, directors, best boys, weren't making this to reflect a fascinating moment in modern British history, merely to add to their CV. To paraphrase Julie Burchill, everything on screen now looks increasingly like an audition for something else. The final scene transcribed Copland's interview-room fessing-up; but nobody, in the words of Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot, talks like that. The lines, from copper and con alike, are uttered not in the flat banality of such situations but in true soap stylee, every last syllable and emphasis milked. How do you think that sounded, darling?

One of the 21st century's great unanswered questions is; how much does the flogged horse of dramadoc cost license-fee payers? Actors, rightly, don't come cheap; they certainly have costlier demands than academics or bystanders. But because the programme makers have stumped up for them we learned little as to what motivated Copland, the mechanics of British neo-Nazism and, despite the presence of Searchlight anti-fascist stalwart Gerry Gable, just how many more nearly-nailbombers there might be out there. Copland was presented as a lone nut - but was he really?

In the same way that media discourse, and by extension our everyday language is influenced by the creep of Hollywood populism - i.e. everything related to espionage has to have a Bond connection - British TV increasingly rationalises experience, even grave issues like a fanatical right-wing spacecase blowing people up in pubs, through the lowest-common-denominator lens of the media itself. For example, people having rows in pubs are actually starting to act like soap characters - ('I don't believe I'm hearing this') - have you seen them? I have. They didn't do it fifteen years ago, but they do now.

But when this tendency, possibly harmless in itself, starts to irradiate factual television, as seems to be the mission of dramadoc,then something's amiss.

Copland's worldview was dangerously and lethally fractured by exogamous fantasy, a fundamental discontinuity in seeing the world as it is. Programmes like this encourage us likewise - to view the world as seen on mainstream TV, and act accordingly. Worrying. Very worrying indeed.

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Oh what an amazing coincidence. You could be forgiven for thinking that the executive producer of this programme, Simon Ford, was somehow anti BNP. I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate that they reported JT got injured in a “street fight” in London’s east end, had the BBC, that bastion of honesty and decency known that JT and his wife were attacked by a red mob, surely they would have reported it. Nor was it deliberate that they got a nice long piece of footage of an angry looking bonehead on a march carrying a BNP placard. And as for the bespectacled Jewish gentleman billed as an “anti-fascist campaigner”, surely he really believes that BNP members are “loners, losers, unstable, misfits as well as having “terrific fear about society and themselves”.

Seriously, it is such a tragedy that the BBC is being used in the way that it is. I was recently watching a wildlife blue planet documentary produced by the BBC and it was excellent. They are so good at certain things, but the Marxists using it as a tool to forward their agenda are damaging the whole credibility of the corporation. Let’s hope a day comes when the BBC is liberated from these vermin and it can get back to doing what it does best.

Simon Ford has been involved in the production of

The London Nailbomber in 2007

The Lost Race in 1999

Under the Skin of The BNP in 2001

The Secret Agent in 2004

Role of the BBC

The BBC routinely lies about opposition political parties. It was the BBC who working hand in hand with a criminal Labour funded gang called “Searchlight” who were ultimately responsible for the trial and subsequent retrial due to take place in October of Mark Collett and Nick Griffin.

The BBC has worked with this criminal outfit before and to its cost! In 1986, several Conservative MPs won a libel action against BBC TV's Panorama which screened a programme 'Maggie's Militant Tendency', for depicting them as right wing extremists. The cost to the BBC was £500,000. Searchlight provided the BBC with much of its information.

The BBC is a propaganda tool for left-wing multiculturalists. Marxists systematically took over the Corporation throughout the 70s and 80s and have used their influential positions to force a pro-multiculturalist agenda.

"The Lost Race" 1999, "Under the Skin of The BNP" 2001 and now the "Secret Agent". That's three full scale, documentary investigations of the BNP by the BBC in just five years. Considering the months, if not years that go into the making of one of these programmes it would seem that the Corporation has taken it upon itself to be continually "investigating" the BNP for some reason.

Surely the turbulent social climate created by the systematic destruction of white society ("celebrating diversity" in Beebspeak) just might provide an opportunity for a programme to be compiled from a different perspective?

Twenty programme suggestions

No? Well, if you're looking Simon Ford, here's twenty suggestions for you and no, the BNP won't demand a consultancy fee. Simon Darby compiled this helpful guide for BBC programmers.

1. The BBC - Breaking its own charter. Eight hundred thousand people, 5% of the population, voted for the BNP in the European elections in 2004 Euro Elections. This programme reveals how the BBC is failing to recognise the increasing popular rejection of enforced liberal multiculturalism. Central to the BBC's charter is the commitment, "No significant strand of thought should go unreflected or under represented on the BBC." This should equate to, on average, over one hour of programming every day dedicated to material of a pro-British nature. With the BBC's Charter to be reviewed in 2006, the programme asks if such blatant breaches of its own constitution are not only undermining the BBC's credibility and its claim to be impartial, but threatening its very existence.

2. The Lib Dems - A party of sexual deviants. This challenging undercover documentary examines the frightening number of Liberal Democrat councillors who have been convicted of paedophile offences and sex crimes, including rape and incitement to rape and murder children. It asks whether or not there is a connection between Lib Dem policy on lowering the age of consent and legalising drugs and the sexual aspirations of its members. The programme also investigates allegations made several years ago in the House of Commons that a paedophile ring permeates both the Houses of Parliament.

3. AIDS, a racist disease? Looks at how nearly all new heterosexual cases of AIDS in Britain involve Africans. We ask if political correctness is condemning large sections of the Black population to death through ignorance? Our investigation also examines how the current promotion of miscegenation might be encouraging British people unknowingly to have relationships with high-risk partners.

4. The Race Relations Industry - A Nice big Earner. Blows the lid of the nepotism and corruption within Britain's multi-billion pound race relations industry. The programme examines how ethno-religious groups are using their charitable status and lottery money to interfere in the British political process. Undercover cameras are present at a meeting organised by two registered charities, The Joseph Rowntree Trust and The Searchlight Educational Trust. We reveal the presence of high-ranking political figures from the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives at meetings which use lottery money to subvert the electoral process. This shocking programme reveals how the Charity Commission are fully aware of breaches in charity regulations but are too frightened to act. Contains interviews with the current CRE Witchfinder General, Trevor Philips, and his disgraced predecessor, the convicted cricket hooligan, Gurbux Singh.

5. For Fox Sake. Examines how Westminster and animal rights charities are turning a blind eye to the cruel and barbaric practice of ritual slaughter whilst being fixated with abolishing fox hunting. Undercover cameras reveal the true horrors of industrial scale slaughter in backstreet halal meat factories in Birmingham and Bradford. We discover how McDonalds restaurants in Luton and Birmingham now only use halal meat after pressure from local Islamic groups. We discover that customers are completely oblivious to the fact that in eating their Big Macs they are in fact taking part in ritual sacrifice. The programme also breaks the shocking revelation that all meat used in the British Navy is now halal and how British sailors have been completely kept in the dark about this. The documentary also looks into the thriving bush meat market in London and discovers alarming evidence that the deadly flesh-eating Ebola virus could be easily brought into Britain while the Customs and police turn a politically correct blind eye to the trade.

6.Football - let's kick it out! Black people make up about 3% of the UK's population yet 20% of the Premiership players are Afro-Caribbean. It is not unusual for the England team to be more than half black. Asian reporters go undercover to expose the level of black racism that must be present in today's game. The programme then confronts a number of black stars asking them why there are virtually no Asians in the sport and asks how they would feel if government quota systems were put in place as they are for white people in other industries. Part 2 investigates anti-white racism in British athletics.

7. The BBC - institutionally anti-white? Following on from Greg Dykes' "hideously white" comment, we examine the internal, political machinations of the BBC. Despite virtually all BBC positions being advertised only in the Guardian, the BBC still claims it is a "politically diverse" organisation. This programme examines the sickly liberal middle class management that seems incapable of interpreting reality from a white working class perspective. It asks whether the BBC's almost religious obsession with fighting 'racism' has actually led to a situation where the British people, especially the English, are the victims of racism themselves. Undercover cameras capture shocking insights into how the BBC deem that Britons should be portrayed as a non-people in their own country. BBC stalwart Ludovic Kennedy then looks at the disproportionate number of black and Asian people reading the news and presenting television programmes and asks whether the pendulum has swung too far. Shocking evidence of a high-powered Lesbian Mafia at the heart of the BBC is also uncovered as well as frightening levels of cocaine residue in BBC toilets.

8. The Boot's on the Other Foot. In-depth BBC investigation into the taboo subject of Muslim gang racial attacks. This disturbing documentary highlights the growing number of white victims of this type of violence which results in scores of brutal assaults, gang rapes and even murders every year. Our programme uncovers frightening double standards in dealing with racial crimes by the police ,as well as a reluctance to publicise these sickening crimes. We analyse whether the media's cover up of ethnic on white crime and simultaneous distortion of similar white on ethnic crime actually increases hatred and lowers respect towards white people and actually make matters worse. Filmed on location in Glasgow, Peterborough and Oldham.

9. Should Tony Blair be charged with war crimes? It is now embarrassingly obvious that Iraq did not possess any Weapons of Mass Destruction or pose a threat to the UK. Our investigative team examine how Tony Blair's insistence on invading Iraq has led to the deaths of at least 72 British servicemen and thousands of Iraqis. We examine how the The Labour Party's sanctions policy against Iraq has also killed an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children. The programme reveals Britain's subservience to the USA and the ethno- religious motivation of the Neo-Conservatives forming America's policy in the Middle East. We also discover an alarming "cash for blood" connection between Britain's involvement in the region and wealthy, pro- Israeli Labour Party donors.

10. The Corruption of the British Voting System. Undercover cameras during the June 10th election reveal a hundred-man brawl on Birmingham's streets involving Labour party activists over a sack of postal votes. A secret midnight exchange of thousands of postal voting forms under Spaghetti Junction is also uncovered. Our team also exposes the organised burning of post boxes in Birmingham and Leeds. Our investigations in Oldham reveal seventy postal votes registered just to one house and the haunting spectacle of deceased Asians rising from the grave to cast their vote. Labour gerrymandering at top level is also exposed, revealing how it led to a near collapse of this year's European and local elections.

11. Black Rap Music - Profiting from Hate. How EMI, Sony and other record companies make £millions from titles that include viciously anti-white racist lyrics. The programme asks why such music is promoted in the media when similar music from white musicians would undoubtedly result in immediate police prosecutions.

12. Labour Party - The Communist Connection. This sixty-minute special examines the thousands of Labour Party activists, including Peter Mandelson, John Read and Jack Straw, who are former members of the Communist Party. The film asks why it is that, although communism was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the last century, communist affiliations are openly accepted and never challenged. We look at how communists invented the term "racism" as a cynical mechanism to stifle free speech and ask whether the Labour Party's new anti-free speech laws are part of a Soviet-style agenda to bring in a one party state by stealth. Our cameras travel to Belgium to see how the socialists and egalitarian lobby seem to have succeeded in actually banning the most popular political party in Belgium, the Vlaams Blok.

13 Don't Worry It's Only a Trade Agreement. The programme looks at the way Britain was deceived into joining the "Common Market" in 1973 and the alarming growth of Euro-federalism over just thirty years. The programme shines a heart-breaking spotlight on the plight of British fishermen, hauliers and farmers and their families and reveals how the EU has driven many other British businesses to the wall. Our team reveal the stunning hypocrisy of how many former vociferous opponents of Europe are now well and truly aboard the Euro gravy train.

14. Death of the West. In Holland in twenty years time 50% of all 18-year- olds will be Muslim. We examine how similar demographic trends can be seen in Britain and how the indigenous population are set for minority status by 2060. We examine why it is the state seem to be encouraging this phenomenon and threatening lengthy jail terms for those who object. The programme looks at how left-wing groups such as Respect have made a Faustian pact with Islamic fundamentalists designed not only to dismantle capitalism but to destroy Western civilisation itself.The programme is followed by a live debate which examines verses from the Koran and asks whether Islam really is a religion of peace.

15. Hate on the State. Investigates the role of M15 and Special Branch in setting up pseudo right- wing groups such as Combat18 and the WNP. We ask if the need to smear and disrupt the BNP really justifies using agents provocateur to spread race hate?

16. I'm All Right Jack. A shocking investigation into the abuse of the Trade Union movement. Our undercover team reveals how so- called 'socialists' pay themselves huge salaries as heads of their various unions and enjoy a lifestyle that rivals some of British industry's fatcats. Undercover cameras reveal a full-scale brawl involving the leadership of a train drivers' union, together with extreme-left opinions that are completely at odds with the views of ordinary union members. Details emerge of how the union elite have blackmailed the Labour government into pushing forward legislation that makes their positions virtually unassailable.

17. The New Middle Class, and who will hew their wood and draw their water? An investigation into the massively disproportionate number of Asian students successfully gaining entry into Britain's universities and colleges. Undercover students reveal the extent of Muslim gang activities at three establishments in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and London. Our programme reveals that the current higher education system is creating a new Asian middle class whilst simultaneously propagating an uneducated white under class.

18. White Flight - an Environmental Holocaust. Examines the taboo subject of white flight from Britain's inner cities. Our programme discovers the real reasons why millions of white Britons are fleeing the towns and cities and draws remarkable comparisons with what has happened in the USA. We spotlight the pressure now being put on rural areas and their own local cultures - including Wales and the Lake District - to accommodate these new arrivals, and how the concreting over the countryside is having a devastating effect on our wildlife.

19. White Lines. This challenging documentary looks at the striking ethno- religious make up of aspects of the narcotics trade. Our investigators track shipments of heroin from Pakistan and Turkey and reveal an elaborate distribution and money-laundering network involving taxis, fast food outlets and restaurants. Just a few years after legitimate shooting enthusiasts had their guns confiscated by the Government we also reveal the frightening escalation of gun crime on Britain's streets directly associated with the distribution crack cocaine. We explore how the collapse of industry across whole regions of the UK together with the proliferation of drugs has led to many young people being doomed to a life of dependency, crime and prostitution. Our team then confront senior Government figures and ask them whether or not losing a whole generation is less important than political correctness? Former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is confronted with the evidence of what her ideas that "there is no such thing as society" and that miners were "the enemy within" have done to a former pit village in South Yorkshire.

20. The Church of England - An Ecclesiastical Infringement of the Trades Description Act. We ask if the drastic decline in church attendance is linked to the multitude of sexual scandals plaguing the church? Undercover cameras capture a frightening picture of sexual deviancy and exploitation within the church hierarchy. Evidence is also put forward concerning the orchestrated political interference by the church into the British electoral system.Plus shocking secretly-filmed footage revealing that large numbers of vicars and bishops don't believe in the fundamental tenets of traditional Christianity, but see the church as a useful tool for imposing their Marxist-inspired ideal society on the rest of us.