Tuesday, January 09, 2007

SPORTIN' LIFE: Ladies. And. Gentlemen!

It's back. The BDO World Darts Championship is back on telly.

Yes yes I know. The best player ever (this sobriquet may still apply in the year 175,952), Phil Taylor, has been winning serially at the rival PDC championship - which this writer won't watch because of Murdochitis.


This year The Power (Taylor) was beaten by Barney (Raymond van Barneveld - do try and keep up), the multiple BDO winner, in a seven-set thriller most have down as the best darts match ever played. Barney, though, having defected from the BDO last year, was not even their reigning champion, his lanky compatriot Jelle Klaassen, a swarthy, gelled and disarmingly articulate 22-year-old, having defeated him last January.

But. Yep, there's another but (and darts is nothing if not sensationalist) Klaassen's been dumped from this year's BDO championship in the first round.

If this sounds as confusing as checking out from 143, reunification is the only answer. If the BBC truly care about anything beyond the M25, they will make a serious bid for a reunified World Darts championship, pitching youngsters like Klaassen and his 18-year-old countryman Michael Van Gerwen against chunky gorblimeys like the evergreen Martin 'Wolfie' Adams and the ageless butterball Taylor.

It's kitsch. It's retro. It will never die, but its time is now. Ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready? Let's ALL play darts again.

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