Sunday, January 07, 2007

Right Git Of 2007 - The Nominations Start Here

Right Git of 2007: The Nominations Start Here

First up, apart from the present writer (I know you've filled in your forms already, you bastards) is Peter Bradshaw, the Guardian's permanently whinging film critic who always reads as though he's watched every movie with a milk bottle stuck up his sphincter, for this lulu about Miss Potter; 'when [Renée] Zellweger does her weird tight little simper, bottom lip pushed out, eyes crinkling down to slits, cheek muscles tenser than steel cables, she really does look clinically insane'. Worra charmer, eh? The playground abuse angle aside ('you know, like, that Miss Zellweger, right, she looks, like, really mad, tee hee hee) and apart from the fact that Zellweger's face is one of the most enjoyably distinctive, expressive and, frankly, attractive, in Hollywood, this nonsense takes up about a quarter of the review. I preferred one of Bradshaw's colleagues, who observed, not inaccurately, that Zellweger reminded her of Mrs Tiggywinkle.

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