Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SPORTIN' LIFE: Heeeeeeere's Wolfie!

They said it couldn't happen again - Raymond Van Barneveld's 7-6 victory over Phil Taylor in the PDC darts world championship was the Everest of the peculiar tensions of this bizarre sport. But Martin 'Wolfie' Adams and househusband Phill Nixon, 50somethings both, had a pop on Sunday's BDO world final. Adams took the 7-6 score this time in a match of monumental vitality, and darts hasn't had a month of publicity like this since the early 1980s when it almost became the new snooker. The news today that Jelle Klaassen and Michael Van Gerwen, the two gelled-up darts-punk cover boys from the Netherlands, have defected from the BDO to the PDC - in addition to ongoing talks with the IOC as to darts' inclusion in the 2016 Olympics means that now, surely, in 2007, a reunification of the two organisations is imminent, if only to capitalise on two of the greatest darts matches ever televised.

Now the question is - will the BBC outbid Sky for the reunification rights?

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