Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hurrah for Hurwitz - mostly

The last post on here was a transcription of an excellent piece by www.classicstoday.com's David Hurwitz, who, despite being the only editor to ever have turned my work down, is a paladin among critics and has his head screwed on more firmly than most patsies and publicists.

But while a Corigliano or Dutilleux or Rihm we do not have in the UK, I'd just like to bring attention to two forgotten names of British music, both largely tonal in idiom - Alun Hoddinott (Welsh) and Nicholas Maw, who seems to have been banished into even deeper space than poor old Pluto. Seems only yesterday that Rattle was hymning his 90-minute monster Odyssey at the Proms - and it wasn't bad either - where is he now?

I'm planning a Hoddinott interview for a Welsh magazine, which will appear here if and when it happens.

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