Sunday, September 17, 2006

FACE STUFFIN': Abergavenny 2006

Lowlights: a fiver to get in?
Kids again
More kids
No mead
No veal
No Worcester apples - short season this year. Bugger.
Very fat people. God there are so many around now. Not just unfortunately overweight or even just fat, neither of which are issues. But these people - from the Valleys, to a man and woman - were eye-wateringly obese. Not, in Norman Hunter's memorable phrase 'jolly and round and fat, but just fat fat'.

Highlights; McBlain's Cheeses of Usk - the Plowhatch from Sussex, granular, salty, zingy. Great service too
Neal's Yard; Dorstone, a goat's cheese just needs more than the three weeks maturing it says
Lysh; fast-improving Damson Gin from Mid-Wales in cool Loos-y bottles
Butford Farm; extraordinary Méthode Normande cider from Bodenham in Herefordshire, with all the zest and fizz of bouché but managing to combine a distinctively dry Three Counties cider/cooker-apple palate with suaveness. Impossible? Not so
Monkhide; lusciously warming apple brandy; adventurous but as yet too-sweet Maple Whisky - a bit clumsy
Tudge's; rare breed pork sausages from Richard's Castle (Salop) - so there IS such a thing as the Great British banger
St Anne's: Fruit wines from Newent (Glos). The honeysuckle's a disaster, but the Tayberry is a great big French kiss of fruit
Penclawdd cockles. Gimme gimme gimme, I'll fight you for the pepper mill
Plus trusties Gwynt-y-Ddraig Cider, Dennis Gwatkin, Danzy Jones and master butchers NS James and Palfrey's were in attendance. Good show.

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