Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Been a long time (to quote Boston)

Crawling out of the abyss four days on, Stumpster finally credits Elder with his speech at the Proms - for all the fucking good it will do.

I daresay the Great Leader and Teacher has his reasons, but who are we to argue? Anyone out there ready to compose an Ode To Tony for mixed chorus, orchestra and organ? Oh, and steel band, and DJ, and gospel choir, and amateur chorus of till girls from Wal Mart, and muezzin. Oh BTW couldn't we get the Arctic Monkeys in as well? No? Oh well.

Good Lord, I'm glad this ban is in place - would hate to think that Toniculture would be threatened in any way by dangerous weapons like Gibson 335s or 1731 Strads.

Who as we all know are now high-ranking terrorist insurgents.

Elder for PM. Indeed almost anyone for PM.

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