Monday, August 21, 2006

Oi! Kelner!

To the very wonderful Martin Kelner, whose blog is sadly no longer with us, and who, I suspect, has a similarly jaundiced attitude to this whole confessional phenomenon as I do. Blogs piss me off; one is reminded of the great 2001 Onion story: 'Gore Delivers Presidential Address into Bathroom Mirror'. At the end of this experiment, I shall be able to point to the monumental pointlessness of it all and say 'I told you so.' People will say to me, 'why on earth did you post that 2000-worder on George Enescu's orchestral music?' and they will see the ridiculousness of it all. Hurrah.

At least MK has a job, a family, ie the trappings of mature adulthood which presumably keep him away from computers most of the time. Great piece on suits in today's Grauniad, Martin, even if the suit appears to be turning you into Steve McClaren.

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