Saturday, August 26, 2006

More sentimentality

Sentimentality? Well, what a surprise.

Just for a change.

Stump posts lyric based on nostalgia and, plus war. Who'da thunk of it?

Also tired and disappointed that Clythalady was not at the Clytha's fantastic beer and cheese fest. Nettle cheese rules the world.

In this respect Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin's impossibly lovely 1944 Long Ago and Far Away from Cover Girl just about fits current mood of yearning and sehnsucht.

Classic GI fodder, this movie, nicely done to suit GI's girls also. Slippery relations between minor andf major keys bla bla bla.... also happens to be a splendid song. Jo Stafford does it best IMHO. Kern's mitteleurop heritage - Straus (O), Korngold meets the blues by accidental accident. Can even a supernatural being think of a better combination? That's real music, already.

How many potential Kerns perished after 38?

Long ago and far away
I dreamed a dream one day
And now that dream is here beside me

Long the stars were overcast
But now the clouds have passed
You're here at last

Chills run up and down my spine
Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied me

Just one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you.

Kern, Gershwin, 1944.

Aaaaah! Bless.... you can just hear the homecomer's boots coming down the gangplank.


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