Monday, August 21, 2006


If anyone out there, anyone at all (and I realise this is about as likely as finding a NWA track on Norman Tebbit's IPod) knows anything about George Enescu, please get in touch. His three symphonies aren't quite of Mahlerian stature, but are damn good, distinctively constructed without a loss of focus on form, and the first in particular has a slow movement to die for, built out of a three-note germ motif that's a ringer for Three Blind Mice.


forqueray said...

George Enescu (1881-1955) was a Romanian-born composer who lived in Romania, France, and the US. He wrote about 40 published works (symphonic and chamber music as well as an opera) that show an interesting and uncommon way of composing in the 20th century. The published works are avaliable on CD, but rarely played in concerts.

There is an International Enescu Society out there, perhaps you can contact them for some more detailed information.

Best, Tony

Paul Stump said...

Knew all that already Tony but thanks anyway - and I did NOT KNOW about the Society! So thanks very much indeed!!! I'll get in touch with them now! Best, P